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Little Sunshine
Black Resorts - Book 2

 An Amazon Top 20 Best Seller
I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

Mine was gold, diamond encrusted, and held in place by household staff.

With a trust fund I’d never be able to blow through, I didn’t need to work a day in my life. I sure as hell didn’t need the kind of job I had.

But I wasn’t in it for the money. It was for personal satisfaction. A love of a job well done. What’s that saying about never working a day in your life if you love breaking fingers and burying bodies where they’ll never be found?

I might be paraphrasing, but it was still the truth.

My boss’ wife called me a goon—and she wasn’t wrong. As second-in-command, I did whatever needed to keep Black Resorts running smoothly. That often included the aforementioned violence since Vegas wasn’t short on people who deserved it.

The rarity was those who deserved protection.

Like Mila.

Liar. Thief. And my little ray of pessimistic sunshine.

Her spoon wasn’t silver. Hell, it wasn’t even a spoon. It was a plastic spork that she hustled and fought for, and she’d always done it alone.

But that changed the second she nearly passed out in my arms.

She called me a behemoth.

I wanted her to call me Daddy.

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Layla Frost has always been a rebel. A true badass.

Growing up, Layla used to hide under her blanket with a flashlight to read the Sweet Valley High books she pilfered from her older sister. It wasn't long before she was reading hidden Harlequins during class at school. This snowballed into pulling all-nighters after the promise of “just one more chapter”.

Her love of reading, especially the romance genre, took root early and has grown immeasurably.

In between reading and writing, Layla spends her free time rocking out(at concerts, on the couch, in the car… Anywhere is a stage if you get into it enough), watching TV(the nerdier the better!), and being a foodie. Though she lives in NY(the state, not the city), she’s an avid Red Sox fan.