Broken(The Four Series book 3) Paperback

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From USA Today bestselling author Layla Frost… You know the deal by now. Fated mates. Nefarious baddies. Grumpy-sunshine. And all the spicy tension.

I’d been called a lot of things.




An antisocial basta—

You get the point.

I’d say it came with being an overworked doctor, but that wasn’t the case. In my own personal purgatory, I’d lost touch with what I was meant to do—who I was.

Until I got stuck in a hospital elevator with a beautiful, broken woman. Comforting her through hell reminded me why I'd become a doctor in the first place.

I had no clue why, but the hippie goddess consumed my thoughts. I was obsessed. From the first touch, I knew I wasn’t going to let her go.

And that was before I got my memories back.

At the best of times, I was crap at relationships—and we were far from the best of times.

Thrust into a war I’d forgotten, I had to find a way to explain that we were targets of the soul stealing organization that’d cursed me.

That magicks, fate, Heaven, and Hell were not just tales.

That she was my mate.

The literal other half of my soul.

Unequivocally mine.

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