Finding Mayhem

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Welcome home, neighbor…

I wasn’t looking for a lover. I wasn’t even looking for a friend. After my life imploded around me, I only wanted one thing.

A fresh start for me and the baby I carried.

That was before Ward ‘Hollywood’ Garrison stormed down a walkway and into my life. Cooking for me. Spending time with me. Giving me his dimpled grin and making me smile for the first time in far too long.

Ward may have been charming, but he was no hero. A member of the Court of Mayhem motorcycle club, he had figurative blood on his hands—and very real blood on his shirt.

He had secrets.

Then again, so did I.

Afraid to lose more than I already have, I was determined to keep my distance from my irresistible neighbor.

Or maybe it was time to take a risk and find happiness…

By Finding Mayhem.

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