Wild Wicked Obsession (Hyde Series book 4) Paperback

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Wild Wicked Obsession
Hyde Series - Book 4

An age-gap, praise-filled, wickedly-hot romance where opposites definitely attract

“That’s my good girl…”

She was a good girl.

I wanted to make her my good girl.

Joss Lennon was shy. Sweeter than any baked good. Outta my league.

Her life was cupcakes, hand turkeys, and working too many hours to pay the mortgage her ex-fiance dumped on her. Mine was strip club drama, breaking hands, and working too many hours to fix the dumpster fire my cousin left me. I had no business sniffing around Joss. No business wondering about her pent-up wild. It would be selfish to drag her into my wicked.

That wasn’t gonna stop me.

‘Cause, truth be told, I’d been addicted to Joss since the first smile. I didn’t care how much time it took, I was making her mine and never letting go.

Except when it came to the pretty kindergarten teacher… I wasn’t the only one with a growing obsession.

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